Justin Bieber in Iceland: how not to imitate him.

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When Justin Bieber’s video “I’ll show you” was released, it soon became very popular and so did Iceland among the Beliebers, who decided to come to the country and follow the steps of their favorite singer. In this video, Justin Bieber “shows you” beautiful Iceland, but he also “shows you” how not to behave when you are visiting Iceland.

If you are interested in seeing the locations where Justin Bieber’s video was filmed, there is now a special tour for you that will takes you to all the wonderful places Bieber visited in Iceland for his video, but it is also very important to remember that there are certain behaviors that are dangerous or harmful to the beautiful and delicate Icelandic nature.

How NOT TO behave like Justin Bieber.

Follow Justin Bieber in Iceland Private Tour Iceland Premium Tours

1. Do not roll in the moss.

Moss is one of my favorite things in Iceland, it is so beautiful, thick and soft but it is also very delicate, I was hurt when I saw Bieber rolling in it! Moss is very important in Iceland to keep the rocks together in the lava fields and it can take hundred of years to grow or recover if ripped, so please, enjoy the beautiful view of fields covered in moss but do not dance or roll on it! There are grass fields all over the country where you can freely step on and roll around, but please do not do that on the moss. It is not nice for Icelandic nature and Icelanders hate tourists who destroy it.

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2. Remember it can be dangerous to sit or walk on rock ledges.

The video starts with Justin Bieber walking very close to the edge of a canyon and later on there is a really cool shot of him sitting on a rock ledge with some amazing scenery in the background….needless to say this is very dangerous. Gusts of wind can come out of the blue in Iceland, there are often rockfalls and small earthquakes…I wouldn’t recommend sitting on a ledge with meters of nothing underneath you…..

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3. Do not bathe in the Glacier Lagoon.

Iceland has a lot of geothermal water, a lot of great pools and hot springs you can bathe in…the Glacier Lagoon is not one of them. Like the name suggests, it is a glacial lagoon, with floating icebergs, it is not only cold but even with the right wet suits, it is dangerous to swim in it because one of the icebergs might flip over and hurt you.
So please enjoy the beauty of this beautiful place, take a boat tour if you want to get close to the icebergs, take a walk on the impressive diamond beach the see the ice being carried out to see, take pictures but do not go in, it really isn’t safe!

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4. Do not skate on the plane wreck.

The plane wreck in Sólheimasandur became a very popular destination after Justin Bieber’s video was released. You used to be abe to drive very close to it but, due to the huge amount of tourists, the road was closed to traffic a while ago, and a new parking lot was built for the many cars stopping to see the plane. It is really not one of my favorite spots to visit in Iceland but I agree that there is something fascinating about it. If you want to see it, please do so, but respect it and respect other people.

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5. Bring proper clothes.

In many scenes of his video, Justin Bieber appears almost naked, just wearing underwear….Iceland is not a warm country! The weather is very unpredictable, it is often windy and cold so you should always be prepared and have proper clothes when you are traveling, even in the summertime.

Having said all this, even if Justin Bieber made a few mistakes when filming his video, he fell in love with Iceland while he was here, he came back for a couple of concerts and he brought a lot of attantion to Iceland. Hopefully, whether you decide to take a Justin Bieber Tour or any other tour in Iceland, you will enjoy the sights and you will not be too inspired by his behavior.

Follow Justin Bieber in Iceland Private Tour Iceland Premium Tours

Always please remember to respect the spectacular, delicate and sometimes dangerous Icelandic nature.


Text: Elisa Maccagnoni – Iceland Premium Tours

Photo: Islandialove

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Follow Justin Bieber in Iceland Private Tour Iceland Premium Tours

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