What to do in Summer in Iceland? – 10 Best Summer Activities

After a harsh Winter, the long-awaited Summer finally arrived in Iceland, so did the Midnight Sun and puffins!
Visiting Iceland is always a good idea, but in the Summer there are even more fun&interesting activities waiting for you in Reykjavik and outside the city.

Check our list of places and activities you cannot miss during this season:

Admire never setting Midnight Sun

From early May to late August a unique natural phenomenon takes place in Iceland – the Midnight Sun and bright nights. If you decide to spend your next Summer holidays in Iceland, you can have the opportunity to live some amazing experiences while enjoying never-ending days and some of the most beautiful sunsets you will ever see. The peak of Iceland’s Midnight Sun is around the Summer solstice, normally on the 21st of June, when the Sun shines for nearly 24hours. The best places to admire this magnificent phenomenon in Reykjavik are on the coast near Harpa concert hall, at the lake Tjornin in the city center or Grotta lighthouse. You can also choose one of our private tours and go outside the city for even better experience in Icelandic nature:

Midnight Sun Golden Circle and Secret Lagoon if you would like to go for a private tour in a super jeep, admire the Midnight Sun from the main attractions of the Golden Circle and while bathing in a hot geothermal Secret Lagoon.

or Midnight Sun Summer Dream evening tour if you would like to take a bath in the Secret lagoon and end the evening with a fancy romantic dinner at the Icelandic restaurant with a view on the mountains bathed in the Midnight Sun.

Puffin Boat Tour Iceland Premium Tours

Observe one of the most recognizable symbols of Iceland – the Icelandic puffin

The Summer arrived in Iceland, so did the puffins! They arrive in April and depart in August. Some of the best places for puffin-watching are on the South Coast Cliffs (Dyrholaey, Reynisfjara, Vik), Látrabjarg Cliff in the Westfjords – the westernmost point in Iceland or in Vestmannaeyjar Islands. It is also possible to take a puffin express from Reykjavik and observe puffins diving in the water in front of a boat or sitting on shores of little islands nearby the capital. You can check out the boat tour here:


Whale Watching Tour Iceland. Iceland Premium Tours

Go on a boat trip to observe gentle giants of the Atlantic Ocean

When you visit Iceland you will explore amazing landscapes and natural wonders, both on the island and in the surrounding waters and harbors. Amazing whales are not so far from Reykjavik. Check whale-watching tour from Reykjavik here:


Glacier Walk Iceland Premium Tours
Have a walk on the glacier

Iceland is not only the land of fire and volcanoes but also of always present ice. There is no better way to experience Icelandic nature than taking a hike on a glacier tongue. If you are interested in volcanism in Iceland we recommend hiking in blue&black Solheimajokull as it is still covered in black volcanic ash from the last infamous eruption of Eyjafjallajokull in 2010.


Stay in a cottage in Icelandic village & Go on a horse-riding tour in Icelandic nature

If you look for some peaceful environment and want to leave the crowds behind – a stay in an Icelandic cottage in the middle of nature is a perfect choice. There is nothing better to wake up and drink a coffee with a view on the mountains or the Ocean. There is a lot of guest houses within 30min from Reykjavik and many others around the country.
If you’re even more interested in experiencing countryside lifestyle you should also try horse-riding in Icelandic Nature. The Icelandic horse is a breed of horse originally developed in Iceland. Although they are small and sometimes pony-size, they are really tough and mighty as they have to endure harsh Icelandic weather conditions.

Lava Tunnel Reykjanes Blue Lagoon Private Tour. Iceland Premium Tours

Visit Icelandic Highlands

We were waiting all Winter for this. Finally, Summer is here and the roads towards Icelandic Highlands are accessible. It means that it is possible to hike one of the most famous and picturesque trails in Iceland – Laugavegur from Landmannalaugar to Thorsmork or in the other way. Pack your rucksack, check the weather and let’s meet somewhere on the road.


Nauthólsvík Geothermal beach. 13 Best Reykjavik attractions. Iceland Premium Tours
Visit Perlan Museum & take a hot geothermal or a cold bath in Nauthólsvík beach in Reykjavik

If you will be spending a day in Reykjavik and feeling like taking a bath have a walk to Perlan Museum from where you can see the panorama of Reykjavik. Later just behind the forest surrounding Perlan you will find Nauthólsvík – yellow sand city beach with a geothermal spot. Although swimming in a cold Ocean is not so tempting, it is always a good idea to have a bath in a hot pool with 40 degrees hot water.

Hike to the hot geothermal river in Hveragerdi

Speaking of geothermal spots. Just 40 min drive outside Reykjavik Hveragerdi is located. The city is known mainly for its greenhouses and geothermal cucumber, but there is also another reason why you should visit – a hot cascading river. Drive through the city until you’ll reach the parking. You will have to hike approximately for 1 hour to get to the spot, but it is not a demanding hike. The place is 100% natural, however, there are some wooden structures where you will be able to change your clothes.


Try Icelandic licorice ice cream… or maybe choose a different flavor

The Icelanders are crazy about licorice and icecreams which resulted in the invention of a black, licorice ice cream. You can love it or hate it. We recommend to make a test and try first the licorice jelly and if you’ll not find them tasty it is better to choose another flavor. Maybe a stracciatella flavored soft-ice cone with a chocolate dip and some sprinkles?

Hike the Mount Esja

Mount Esja is probably the most recognizable mountain in Iceland and if you visited Reykjavik you will find it for sure on your holiday photos as it is towering the capital from another side of the fjord. Apart from being a touristic attraction, it is also a common place for spending time on weekends by the Icelanders. The hike to the top takes approximately 1,5 hour and apart from the summit part it is regarded as easy.

Let us know in comments if we should add some points to the list.
We are waiting for you in Iceland this Summer!
Have safe and adventurous travels in Iceland!

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