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Project Description

Inside The Volcano Tour

Journey to the Center of the Earth on our Inside the Icelandic Volcano Tour!


Only Available 15 May to 15 October.


This is the only volcano magma chamber you can enter in the world. The trip takes you inside the Thrihnukagigur Volcano, where you’ll see gorgeous colors and a stunning display of light and darkness.


Embark on your Adventure Inside an Icelandic Volcano


First, we’ll pick you up from your hotel (or meet us at the Gray Line Bus Terminal) and drive you 30 minutes to Blafjoll mountain range. We’ll hike across a scenic lava field which resembles the surface of the moon. We’ll teach you a bunch of stuff about volcanoes and volcanic activity in Iceland. The moderate hike takes about 45 minutes to the base of the volcano’s entrance, where we’ll dress in appropriate gear in the cabin on-site. You´ll be instructed in the proper safety procedures and equipped with a safety helmet and harness.

Descend into the Magma Chamber


Then it’s down into the volcano! Take a once-of-a-lifetime glimpse of the interior of an Icelandic volcano. The open cable lift takes us down into the mouth of the volcano at a depth of 120 meters or 400 feet. You’ll spend about 30 minutes on the ground of the Icelandic volcano, in which time you can take as many photos as you want. Afterwards, taste traditional Icelandic meat soup, home-cooked by our guides! Then it’s a return 45-minute hike to the van, and a drive back to Reykjavik.

Important Information:


Pick up: Please be ready 30-45 minutes prior to departure. If you are meeting us at the bus terminal, please arrival 30 minutes prior to departure.

It’s important to realize that the weather in Iceland is very unpredictable, and you should definitely bring warm, rainproof clothes with you, even if the weather in Reykjavik is nice and the forecast looks good. We highly recommend that you check the weather forecast the day before or the morning of your tour departure.

You don’t need any particular skills or prior hiking experience in order to do the hike, but you need to be in decent shape

If you are suffering from any of the following, then the tour is probably not for you:


  • Problems with ankles, knees or any part of the feet.

  • Problems with the back and/or hips. There is a lot of pressure on the back when walking on such an uneven surface.

  • Obesity or being severely overweight.

  • Any other physical problem that might affect your ability to complete a combined walk of almost two hours within half a day.

Quick facts:

  • Available Daily at several departures, the first at 8AM and the last in the afternoon.

  • Pick up your hotel

  • Duration 5-6 hours

Once you are Inside the Icelandic Volcano you’ll be protected from the weather, but not the jagged and uneven surface.

Bring with you:

  • good hiking shoes (not sneakers)

  • rainproof outdoor clothing

  • camera

  • good spirit!

Important Information:


One guide minimum is with you at all times and there are a few (short) stops made on the way. We have a strict time schedule to follow and we expect tour guests to follow the walking speed set by the tour guide.

Tour Departures: Several daily departures, the first tour at 8AM and the last tour in the afternoon.

Price: ISK 42.000 per person.


This course is available only on request, contact us to place your order.

Cancellation on this tour is up to 48 hours prior to tour, after which it becomes nonrefundable.



If you want to book the tour or have any questions

Send us an e-mail