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Northern Lights in Iceland. Best Northern Lights Tour near Reykjavik

Northern Lights season : September to mid-April.


The Northern Lights in Iceland are breathtaking, beautiful and unpredictable. Northern Lights in Iceland are an extraordinary natural phenomenon which are a must-see when you visit Iceland. We will give you the premium experience!


When is the best time to see Northern Lights?


The best time to see the Northern lights in Iceland is from the fall to early spring with a biggest chance to see them in all their glory from November to March. After an Icelandic summer with sunlight almost 24/7 in September the nights get dark again and every day there can be a chance to see northern lights when you in Iceland



Premium tours to see Northern Lights with small groups


Iceland Premium Tours arranges for you a premium tour with small groups to give you the best opportunity to see the northern lights when you visit Iceland. We carefully select our guides who will take you to the best locations to see and assist you to capture the northern lights in Iceland. Although we do our best to give you the best experience possible there is a chance there are no northern lights during the tour. In the unlikely event of an unsuccessful tour a next Northern Lights tour will be free of charge.

Every day the chances to see  Northern Lights in Iceland and weather conditions are evaluated and occasionally we have to cancel the tour. Every evening before pickup starts a final decision will be made to go (or not). To maximize the chance of success we advice to book your seat at the beginning of your stay in Iceland.

The Northern Lights in Iceland are one of the best and most spectacular things to do in Iceland, so make sure you’ve booked it as one of your Iceland tours.

We look forward to seeing you on our Northern Lights tour!

Alternate pickup times according to daylight hours for Northern Lights in Reykjavik Iceland

  • November, December and January between 8:00 – 8:45 PM

  • October and February between 8:30 – 9:15 PM

  • September, March & April between 9:00 – 9:45 PM

Quick Facts:

  • Available: Sept.-mid April

  • Small groups: max 19 pax

  • Available also as a private tour

  • Duration 3-4 hours

  • Price: 8.900 ISK per person

  • Note: Every night chances to see the northern lights are evaluated and a decision made to go (or not).

Northern Lights in Iceland. Best Northern Lights Tour near Reykjavik!

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