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Pick-ups are included in the tour prices and are provided from most of registered hotels, hostels and guesthouses in Reykjavik.

The following popular hotels are located in a pedestrian zone, thus you will not find them on our list of the pickup places. If you are staying at one of these hotels, please meet us at the suggested alternatives:
– Loft hostel: meet us e.g. at Hotel Odinsvé, Tysgata
– Hotel Frón: meet us e.g. at Hotel Odinsvé, Tysgata
– Room with a View apartment hotel: meet us e.g. at hotel Odinsvé, Tysgata
– Centerhotel Skjaldbreid: meet us e.g. at hotel Odinsvé, Tysgata
– Hotel Borg: meet us at hotel Reykjavik Centrum, Aðalstræti 16
– City Center Hotel: meet us at hotel Reykjavik Centrum, Aðalstræti 16
– Hotel Apotek: meet us at hotel Reykjavik Centrum, Aðalstræti 16

Please note we do NOT pickup from neighborhood towns such as Hafnarfjörður, Kópavogur, Seltjarnarnes, Garðabær, Mosfellsbær and others. This is due to the driving time to these locations, guides would not be able to complete the pickups within the given time frame. If you are staying there, we kindly ask you to get to downtown Reykjavik by yourself and meet us e.g. at BSI bus station.

If you need a help to find a closest hotel to your private accommodation, do not hesitate to contact us. Please be ready outside the hotel or in a lobby; if there is no lobby please be ready outside the building from the beginning of the pickup time.

Pick-up times are given in the tours’ descriptions and generally take 30 minutes (up to 45 minutes for the Northern Lights tours). However due to traffic conditions or having to locate clients, pickups may take longer but will be made. Please arrive at the pick up location at the start of the pick up time suggested.

If you are not picked up by the end of the pickup time written on your confirmation, please call us immediately.

Please make sure you do not board another company’s van or coach, some do not check your voucher and if you are not at the designated pick-up location we must not delay other customers.

Drop-offs are provided at the same places as pick-ups unless otherwise arranged with the driver/guides.

It depends when the pickup time for Northern Lights is, if 8:30 PM and later, you can easily go on Golden Circle with a Hot Twist, South Shore Adventure and Snæfellsnes tour (you might not have enough time to go for a dinner, just grab something quick). If the Northern Lights tour’s pickup starts at 8:00 PM you will make it in time after Golden Circle with a Hot Twist, but it can be tight after South Shore Adventure and most likely you would not be back in time from Snæfellsnes tour. Glacier Lagoon tour collides with Northern Lights tour in all cases.

We have to take the decisions day by day as the weather forecast changes a lot in Iceland. We will take the decision about tonight after the updates in the late afternoon, latest 6:30 PM, afterwards you can check our website – we post it on the front page, or give us a call.


Payments are collected online while booking. We accept major credit cards such as Visa and MasterCard. If you have problems with using American Express, please contact us by email.

On every Day Tour (but not a Northern Lights tour) we make refreshment stops at cafés or restaurants, where you can purchase your lunch and snacks. Therefore you do not need to bring your own food for the tours. Please note that food is not included in the price of the tours.

Nearly all restaurants in Iceland offer vegetarian food. There is no problem with purchasing vegetarian meals on tours.

There is a lot of bathroom stops at Golden Circle Tour with a Hot Twist, South Shore Adventure and Glacier Lagoon tour. Sufficient amount of bathroom stops is available on Snæfellsnes National Park.

Very limited bathroom stops are available on Northern Lights tour – in fact, in most of the cases there are no bathroom stops available on Northern Lights tours, therefore we advice passengers to use bathrooms right before the pickup starts.

The stop at the Secret Lagoon is about 1-1,5 hour, which gives you a great time to enjoy the bath. The water is 38-40°C warm, which would become too hot for staying in the water longer than one hour.

South Shore Adventure has different stops then the Glacier Lagoon tour. South Shore includes stops between Reykjavik and Vík (excluding Vík), and Glacier Lagoon includes stops between Vík and the Glacier Lagoon Jökulsárlón.

On Glacier Lagoon tour, the guide is however allowed to make an extra stop which could be one of those from South Shore; it is his right to decide which one (it is used also to give rest from driving to the guide as Glacier Lagoon tour is a long tour).

Cancellations or change of reservations by customers

In due events it happens you have to cancel or change your reservation. Depending on moment of cancellation and the booked tour we have different cancellation-policies. For full information please take a look at our terms and conditions. We only accept cancellations in email.

Refunds of delayed, altered or shortened tours after the departure

When a tour is delayed due to weather, any unsafe travel conditions or unforeseen circumstances, no refunds are provided if the tour still operates.

When the tour is altered or shortened after the departure due to weather, any unsafe travel conditions or unforeseen circumstances a partial refund is provided. The percentage of the refund is calculated according to how much of the initial itinerary has been completed.

No Shows

When a passenger is not present on the submitted pickup point at the beginning of the pickup time, the driver-guide is obliged to continue the pickup of other passengers and is allowed to start the tour without the missing passenger (in order not to delay the tour for the rest of the passengers). This is considered as “No Show” and no refund is provided.

If a Northern Lights tour has been cancelled by Iceland Premium Tours and you have not submitted backup dates or contacted us to re-book within 48 hours, you will automatically receive a full refund.

Backup dates:
If you have provided the backup date(s) and the tour is cancelled, you are automatically re-booked for the backup date. If you do not show up on your backup date, it is considered as “no show” and no refund is provided.

Refunds for Northern Lights tours which have operated
When a Northern Lights tour was decided to operate and the passenger was present on the tour, then there is no right to demand a refund even if no Northern Lights have been seen. Iceland Premium Tours gives all effort to take the right decision whether to operate the tour or not based on careful analysis of all forecasts both weather and solar activity. However, Northern Lights are a natural phenomena and thus Iceland Premium Tours cannot control whether the sighting will be valid or not. In case the tour is considered as a not valid sighting, we offer a “Northern Lights ticket” which represents the right to either:

  • participate on a Northern Lights tour free of charge*, or
  • receive one free admission to the Aurora Reykjavík – Northern Lights Center (is).

In case you can’t go on another Northern Lights tour, nor visit the Aurora Center, we do not want you to feel like you missed out so please keep the ticket for your next visit to Iceland and have 2.000 ISK discount on any day tour operated by Iceland Premium Tours which is already scheduled at the time you intend to book it and has seats available.

* When you wish to use the “Northern Lights ticket” for a free Northern Lights tour trip, please give us a call as soon as you can to reserve a seat on the next operating tour. Please make sure you have your Northern Lights ticket to give to the driver/guide.

For full information check our Terms and Conditions.


All entrance fees within the tours are included in the tours’ prices unless otherwise stated in the description of the tours. Towels are provided for the Golden Circle with a Hot Twist tours.


Drinks, food or other refreshments are not included in the tours except Private Luxury Northern Lights tours.
We do make refreshment breaks at all our tours (except Northern Lights tours), therefore you do not need to bring your lunch, you can purchase it at the restaurants/cafés.

Solid, warm & waterproof shoes as well as warm rain & wind proof outdoor clothing is recommended for all the tours. For the best comfort we recommend having mittens and hat even in the summer season. (Please see the question below about weather and temperature).

For Northern Lights tour please dress really warm (imagine you will need to stand outside in freezing wind for several hours).

For Golden Circle with a Hot Twist please do not forget to bring your swim suit (we provide towels).

Average temperature and precipitation in Iceland:

Two most reliable sources of the weather forecast are:

Please remember that weather in Iceland changes rapidly and we cannot count on long term forecasts.

Luckily no:) Even during the shortest days in a year, there are several hours of a daylight every day – between 11:00 am and 4:00 pm.

If you wish to check a specific time of a year we recommend to use
(if you take a look at the time of sunset/sunrise note that it does not take in an account the timezone change if you view the website from different time zone – that means it will show you when the sunset/sunrise is at your current time. Iceland uses GMT+0 and does not follow daylight saving time in summer).

In general – the earlier, the better. Consider the fact that our tours are operated only in small groups (maximum 19 passengers on a tour), therefore the number of seats is limited.

We recommend to book Northern Lights tours as soon as possible, those are sold out first. Day tours we recommend to book at least few days ahead, if you really want to make sure you will have a seat reserved, please book at least one or two weeks  in advance.

Tipping in Iceland is not required but always appreciated 🙂

Yes it is requested by Icelandic law to have child seats / boosters. Some families are already traveling with their own, but if you would like us to provide you one on a tour, please send us an email.

Most tours will be in English but for bookings made in advance we can provide tours in other languages. E.g. Spanish, Portuguese, German, Italian, French, Chinese, Dutch and Polish.