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Best Natural Hot Springs in Iceland

10 minute read - 20 Aug 2018

Have you ever dreamed of taking a hot bath in a pool in the middle of nowhere, surrounded by nature? In Iceland, you can. Experience the best of Iceland by bathing in one of the many natural hot springs you find all over the country, surrounded by spectacular landscapes. Iceland is famous for its geothermal water that comes boiling hot from the ground and is used in people's homes also for heating and electricity. There are a lot of swimming pools and natural hot springs where you can bathe and relax while you are traveling in Iceland.


Some pools have become very popular among tourists. The Blue Lagoon is an essential stop for everyone visiting Iceland. Check out our Reykjanes and Blue Lagoon tour. Other popular ones are the Secret Lagoon, Fontana Spa, the Natural Baths in Myvatn, and Krauma Spa. You can read more about these on our previous blog about geothermal pools in Iceland. In this blog, we will focus on our favorite natural hot springs, the ones off the beaten track, the ones where nature is still almost untouched.

Off the beaten track

A lot of hot springs and small pools can be found all over Iceland. Most of them have no changing facilities and are free of charge. You can drive there if you are renting a car or you can book a private tour to visit these wonderful natural pools.


Seljavallalaug, located on the South Coast of Iceland, between Seljalandsfoss and Skogafoss, can be reached with a short, easy hike. This pool is one of the oldest pools in Iceland, build in 1923. Although it is man-made, the surroundings are so beautiful you will feel like you are somewhere lost in the middle of nowhere. This spectacularly located pool built between mountains is filled with natural geothermal water. It is usually not very warm in the winter, but it is perfect during the summer months. Besides the pool, there is a small old building with two rooms you can use to get changed and leave your clothes. The place is sometimes attended by volunteers but please help keep it tidy and clean. This is a real gem you can add to our private South Coast Tour.

Seljavallalaug Hot Spring Iceland

Reykjadalur hot river

Reykjadalur hot river has become quite popular in recent years and it should be on your bucket list when you visit Iceland. The hike to get to the hot river starts in Hveragerdi, a town famous for its flowers and ice cream. The easy hike is about one hour long through spectacular landscapes till you get to the river. Wooden platforms and screens have been recently built to make it easier to get changed and get in and out of the river but there are no facilities here. The water temperature is different in different parts of the river so I would suggest you walk around until you find the ideal spot for you. Bathing in Reykjadalur hot river is great with rain or shine but if it is raining, I would suggest you bring a plastic bag or a drybag to keep your clothes and towel dry while you are bathing.

Hveragerdi Reykjadalur Hot River Iceland


In North Iceland, Grettislaug has different hot tubs built with rocks and offers you fantastic views over the mountains and the ocean. There is a small entrance fee, but you also get changing facilities and showers.

Grettislaug hot spring Iceland


This is an extraordinary geothermal bath on the Snaefellsnes Peninsula. The fresh mineral water found in this pool is rich in green algae (chlorella) and various minerals and it is believed to have health benefits and healing powers. The pool is only open during the summer and it is a great stop to add to our private Snaefellsnes Tour. Read about our Snaefellsnes Adventure here.

Lysuholl Iceland Snaefellsnes Pool Hot Spring


This is something very special, Reykjavik's very own geothermal heated beach -Nautholsvik. There is a hot tub by the sea and a shallower hot tub closer to the changing facilities, where you also have bathrooms, showers, a sauna, and a small cafe. Entry is free throughout the summer months. There are a lot more hot springs in Iceland, many of them only known to the locals. Hot springs are special and they are for everyone to enjoy but please remember to treat these treasures very carefully. Iceland is a beautiful country it is today because it is still unspoiled. Help us keep it like this, visit it but please don't spoil it. Visit our Facebook to read our reviews.