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The amazing Katja visits Iceland

7 minute read - 11 May 2023 - Magnús Henrik Finnsson

Don't miss out on a chance to visit Iceland this summer. Explore Iceland's most beautiful locations with a Private Jeep Tour to travel in all comfort and safety and avoid contact with big crowds and strangers. Read more to know what measures Iceland Premium Tours is taking to make sure you have a safe experience in Iceland without much fear of COVID-19.

As you all probably know, Iceland’s borders have been open since June without many restrictions for travelers.  The COVID-19 pandemic that took the world by surprise at the beginning of the year has certainly impacted our lives and the world’s economy.  The various lockdowns all over the world and the travel restrictions have largely affected tourism but many travel restrictions have now been removed, and Iceland is probably one of the safest countries you could visit this summer.  The pandemic is unfortunately not over yet and we are certainly not back to normality yet, but things have been getting a little better and Iceland Premium Tours is looking forward to welcoming you all to Iceland again this summer. 

Iceland this summer, the COVID-19 situation

Ever since the beginning of the spreading of COVID-19 in Iceland, Icelandic authorities have been very good in taking effective measures to contain the pandemic. Even though there are not many cases of COVID-19 in Iceland right now, everything is effectively monitored and measures are still in place to avoid the spread of the virus.  For all updates and information about COVID-19 in Iceland, we suggest checking out the official website www.covid.is run by the government authorities. It is a great source if you want to know more about the situation in Iceland and if you want to see some data. 

At the moment, most visitors traveling to Iceland are given the choice of taking a test for the virus upon arrival to all international airports in Iceland, or a two-week quarantine. If you opt for a test, you have to limit social interaction until you get the results (usually within 24 hours) and if you are negative, you are then free to travel around Iceland, always following some precautions of course. Travelers from certain countries do not need to be tested. (For more information you can check this website). 

What Iceland Premium Tours will offer

Iceland Premium Tours offers a varied selection of Private Jeep Tours that will enable you to explore the best of Iceland in all comfort and in safety.  If you want to explore Iceland at your own pace and avoid the big crowds, Private Tours are a great choice for your trip to Iceland this summer.   In the current “post-COVID-19” world, Private Tours are also the safest option to visit Iceland mostly because you will only be traveling with your family or group of people you know, without getting in close contact with many other people. Our commitment is to guarantee the safety of our staff and travelers.  We care about you and we guarantee that we will take all possible measures to ensure safety on our jeeps during our tours. 

Join a Private Jeep Tour with Iceland Premium Tours

To guarantee your safety during our Private Jeep Tours, Iceland Premium Tours is taking specific measures. 

  • We always sanitize our jeeps before each tour
  • We provide hand sanitizer in our jeeps 
  • We often stop in places where you will be able to wash your hands if you wish to do so
  • We provide you with gloves and masks if you want to use them 
  • We sanitize surfaces in the jeeps several times during the tour

Come visit Iceland this summer

We are really looking forward to welcoming you to Iceland again this summer and are really excited and to show you our beautiful country. 

To make sure we give everybody a chance to travel in comfort and safety during these uncertain times, we have lowered our prices.

We also created two very special offers that include two Private Day Tours with a 60 to 65% discount! Check out our Special Offer Iceland Golden Circle and South Coast and our Special Offer Iceland Snæfellsnes and Reykjanes and don’t miss the chance to see some of Iceland’s most beautiful places at really low and affordable prices.

Feel free to email us on info@icelandpremiumtours.is if you need more information or if you have any questions about your upcoming trip to Iceland this summer. 

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We hope to see you all soon in Iceland for some fantastic tours.