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Geothermal Helicopter Tour

Embark on a thrilling helicopter tour that unveils Iceland's stunning landscapes from a unique perspective. Get ready to take to the skies and discover the hidden gems of this remarkable island. Departing from Reykjavik Domestic Airport, just a short drive from the city center, you'll be treated to an unforgettable adventure filled with breathtaking sights.

As the helicopter lifts off, you'll bid farewell to the familiar sights of Reykjavik, and a world of natural wonders will open up before you. Admire the vibrant mountain ranges and the steaming hot springs nestled amidst them. From high above, you'll witness the beauty and energy that emanate from the earth's depths.

Fly deeper into the heart of Iceland's untamed landscapes, where lava fields and mysterious craters await your discovery. Prepare for an exciting opportunity to peer into a crater from the comfort of the helicopter, providing a unique perspective on this ancient geological marvel. It's an extraordinary moment that will leave you in awe of the natural forces that have shaped this extraordinary land.

While soaring through the skies, take in the captivating sights of Iceland's renowned power plants, marveling at their innovative approach to harnessing the country's natural resources. These impressive structures play a vital role in providing sustainable energy solutions.

Touch down near the bubbling hot springs, and take a moment to capture the beauty of this serene location. Immortalize the memories with breathtaking photographs that will remind you of this incredible experience for years to come.

As your helicopter tour comes to a close, enjoy a final flyover of Reykjavik, where you'll gain a unique aerial perspective of the city's architecture and natural surroundings. It's a fitting end to an adventure that has given you a new appreciation for Iceland's captivating landscapes.

As you return to Reykjavik Domestic Airport, take a moment to reflect on the incredible sights you've witnessed and the joy of experiencing Iceland's natural wonders from the sky. Your helicopter tour has left an indelible mark, a memory of a journey that will forever inspire your sense of exploration and wonder.

What's included

The total duration of the tour is 50-60 minutes. 25-50 minute guided helicopter flight and a 15 minute landing by a remote geothermal area on an old volcano. Depending on helicopter type and weather

What do I need to bring

We recommend that you wear good shoes, warm jacket, a hat and gloves. It does cold not get cold inside the helicopter (similar to sitting in a car) but it can get cold and windy on Icelandic mountain tops.


After submitting the booking we will inform you about the exact starting time for the tour. We will ask for additional information. If you can kindly provide us your phone number, email and approx. weight on each passenger.

Please note that this tour is weather dependent and if the weather forecast is not looking promising at the time of your booked tour we always try to A) Try to change the time on the same day (e.g. go in the afternoon instead of the morning). B) Offer you to go on a different date (e.g. they day before or the day after). C) If we are fully booked and can not offer options A and B we always give a full refund!

Geothermal Helicopter Tour

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